Representation When Enforcement Of Court Orders Is Necessary

You likely feel frustrated if your child's other parent — your ex-spouse or your previous domestic partner — has fallen down on his or her end of the shared parenting equation. Has your former husband, wife, boyfriend or girlfriend failed to:

Whatever the problem is that has drawn you to this page about enforcement of family law court orders, I can help you in or near Canton, Ohio. I am Jason P. Reese, a caring and tough lawyer. I bring experience as a prosecutor to the table, as well as years of experience in private family law practice. I can advise you on what to do if your child's other parent has not responded to your communications or request for compliance.

I can direct you on how to document your efforts to gain the other parent's cooperation in a reasonable way. You may need to write letters, send email messages or communicate with a witness present to verify what you said or what the other parent did or did not do.

In The Case Of Unpaid Spousal Support Or Failure To Sell The Marital Home

Your need for enforcement of a court order may have nothing to do with parenting and everything to do with your ex's failure to comply with other aspects of a divorce decree. Did he or she fail to send spousal support as ordered? Has he or she failed to pay debts, sell assets or give you your share after selling a marital asset?

Whether your issue is related to parenting, child support, spousal support or division of marital assets, I can help. I can inform you of tools such as Our Family Wizard that can help you and your ex communicate directly through online records. An approach like this may alleviate the problem. If necessary, I can write letters and help you implement legal remedies involving the family law court. If it becomes necessary to pursue collections, The Law Offices of Jason P. Reese LLC can pursue this type of remedy for you.

Ask Me About Child Custody Enforcement, Child Support Enforcement Or Spousal Support Enforcement

If I am your family law attorney, I will listen first and then advise you accordingly. I look forward to hearing about your concerns. Call 330-754-4861 or request a consultation by email. You can expect a prompt response from The Law Offices of Jason P. Reese LLC.