What You Need To Know About A Child Custody Dispute

A child custody dispute is the toughest area of family law. I am Jason P. Reese, here to help you if you live in or near Canton. Do you need a family law attorney's steady voice of reason as you navigate a child custody dispute? I am a former prosecutor as well as a compassionate family law attorney. Former clients and legal peers call me a caring, tough lawyer. I care about your child — and about you, my potential client.

I Am A Calm, Knowledgeable Child Custody Lawyer In Ohio With Advice To Help Your Family And Your Case

I am confident I can help you through this difficult time. My years of experience have given me insights that can help you win your high-conflict child custody case even before appearing before a judge. For example:

  • No matter how challenging daily routines are during this time of changes in your family, do what it takes to give your child all the stability you can — not down the road after the divorce, but now.
  • Realize the importance of age-appropriate nurturing and development and adjust your actions and expectations accordingly. A baby or toddler son or daughter needs to see you as often as possible to form a strong bond with you. A teenage child, on the other hand, needs you to respect his or her need for extracurricular activities, perhaps a part-time job, and socializing with friends in the community where he or she has grown up.
  • Stay involved in your child's life by going to parent-teacher conferences, doctor visits, Little League baseball practices, musical performances and birthday parties or other social gatherings with your child. Ask about your child's friends and get to know them, if possible. Stay in the loop regarding the interests that mean the most to your child.
  • Take your child camping, see a movie together, play tag in the backyard, visit grandparents and otherwise keep normal family life going even if the other parent is inconsistent. Keep a log of your interactions. Keep receipts and school performance programs. Save your child's artwork and gifts otherwise keep a record of your presence in your child's life.
  • Ask me about finding and using the services of reliable professionals such as a family counselor, a child psychologist or a play therapist. Well-qualified professionals can help you, help your child and help your case. I can guide you to professionals who can serve as expert witnesses in court if necessary.
  • Think about what is best for your child in the long run and act accordingly. Prepare to reap the rewards of your child's well-being and his or her respect.

Is The Other Parent Unfit? Let's Talk About That.

"What about the other parent?" you may ask. "How can I show the court how terrible my soon-to-be ex is? A totally unfit parent!" The Law Offices of Jason P. Reese LLC is here to help you answer tough questions like these. Every case is unique. I welcome the opportunity to discuss your particular family circumstances and create a strategy in pursuit of your child custody goals.

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