Petition The Family Law Court For A Modification To A Court Order

At the conclusion of a divorce or child custody dispute, you may recall the sense of finality when a judge issued a court order. However, now things have changed and you need to ask for a modification. Realize this is natural and get the legal advice and help you need to maximize your chances of getting a new court order to suit your new circumstances.

Talk to me, Jason P. Reese, a family law attorney in Canton with abundant experience helping parents obtain custody and support modifications. I am ready to present compelling arguments on your behalf in an Ohio family law court. I understand that:

  • If you are the primary custodial parent and you need to relocate for a job promotion, the move may benefit your child. Custody arrangements may need to change to accommodate the move.
  • New ways of preserving parenting time with the other parent are possible. Modification of shared custody schedules deserves consideration. For example, instead of spending alternating weekends with each of you, your child might spend most of the year with you and spend summers and holiday weeks with the other parent.
  • If you have remarried or will soon remarry, you may need to move for your new spouse's job. Your presence in your child's life remains vitally important and a custody modification is in order.
  • If you or your child's other parent now makes more or less money than before — for any reason other than refusing to work — the child support order may need a review. You may be unable to pay what you had been paying — or you may need more child support from the other parent than you originally did. A child support modification may be completely justifiable.

In the case of spousal support, terms of your divorce decree may specify when spousal support should increase or decrease. You may need help with enforcement rather than needing a modification of your court order. The Law Offices of Jason P. Reese LLC can address the particulars of your case.

Most terms of a custody or support order are not set in stone. Life is fluid and families change overtime. Divorce or separation does not negate this simple truth.

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