How Shared Parenting Can Work For You

It is normal to feel unsure about your situation when going through a divorce and children are involved. Will you remain a part of their lives? Can you afford child support? At The Law Offices of Jason P. Reese in Canton, Ohio, we can provide you with the answers to these difficult questions. I am attorney Jason Reese, ready to advise you and advocate for you.

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Protecting the best interests of your children during a divorce may involve creating a shared parenting plan. A shared parenting order means that both parents will share physical and legal custody of the children. These child custody agreements ensure that both parents remain integral parts of their children's lives.

It is possible to be creative with these plans and allocate time in a way you feel will best benefit your children. While these documents are subject to court approval, I can explain how the child custody guidelines apply in your case and will help you draft a proper plan.

Parenting Responsibilities In Ohio

For certain families, a shared parenting plan may not be the best option. If there has been abuse or criminal conduct by one spouse, a court may decide against shared parenting.

Ultimately, the court will allocate parental rights and responsibilities during your divorce. The court may decide to allocate legal and residential rights to only one parent. I will work with you to protect your rights as well as your children's best interests.

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