Has The Time Come To Plan For Divorce?

Virtually no one gets married with plans to end a marriage in divorce. As marital problems develop, however, there may come a time when you suspect or know that your marriage is on the rocks and likely to dissolve. Whatever the issues are, you may realize that it is not yet time to talk in earnest about divorce with your spouse, but it is time to talk to a lawyer about how to prepare for this eventuality.

I am Jason P. Reese, a tough and caring family law attorney in Canton, Ohio. I have represented innumerable clients in contested and uncontested divorces. My experience can be an asset as you question how to get ready for the legal aspects of a divorce. You may manage to save your marriage. Even if so, you will benefit from a clearer awareness of the sum total of your marital estate.

I invite you to consult with The Law Offices of Jason P. Reese LLC on any aspect of divorce planning. I have good advice no matter how far off a divorce may seem at this time. I will first advise you to take inventory of your assets and debts, including:

  • Bank accounts, investment accounts, stocks and bonds
  • Your mortgage, car loans and other debts
  • Your personal belongs and your spouse's separate possessions, including collectibles and other valuables

I can give you valuable tips on how to keep track of and verify your cash flow, including:

  • Where money goes as it comes into your household
  • How to determine an income average when you or your spouse has fluctuating income through self-employment or seasonal income
  • What your current lifestyle actually costs

In anticipation of child custody and visitation arrangements, I can give you insight into ways to document and perhaps enhance your parental involvement such as by:

  • Making medical appointments for your child and accompanying him or her to them
  • Attending parent-teacher conferences at school and keeping notes on issues noted
  • Keeping notes on details of your child's life such as what school bus he or she takes and contact information for friends, music teachers and coaches
  • Spending quality time with your child and keeping a log of those activities
  • Teaching your child practical life skills and documenting these
  • Thoughtfully planning time with your child on weekends in anticipation of a time after your divorce when weekends may be the time you have with your child
  • Watching your child's sports practices rather than sitting in the car waiting

As we discuss ways you can prepare for your divorce, my goal will be to give you useful tools, not to overwhelm you. I plan to listen carefully, as well as share specifically what divorce will entail.

Learn About Phases Of Divorce, Financial Planning, Parental Involvement And More

I strongly believe you will benefit from one or more consultations with me if you suspect a divorce is on the horizon. You may reach me in my Canton law offices by calling 330-754-4861 or emailing The Law Offices of Jason P. Reese LLC. Schedule a consultation and get one step closer to preparedness for what is to come.