Divorce And You — Dispelling Misconceptions

If you have questions regarding divorce or the divorce process, it is important to consult with a Canton family law lawyer as soon as possible. I am attorney Jason P. Reese. At The Law Offices of Jason P. Reese, LLC, I provide competent representation for men and women who are confused about certain misconceptions surrounding divorce. I will represent you while protecting your interests and aggressively defending your rights.

Allow me to clear up the misconceptions of divorce for you. Contact my family law firm for a initial consultation.

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At my divorce and family law firm, I have helped many clients address concerns regarding the divorce process. Common misconceptions about divorce include:

  • If visitation is denied, you can stop paying child support — false
  • A prenuptial or postnuptial agreement is never subject to attack — false
  • It is simple to use a "divorce kit" to obtain a divorce without an attorney — false
  • Abandonment affects a spouse's right to an equitable distribution of property — false
  • If you leave the marital home, you are abandoning your spouse — false

These statements are simply not true. If you have had these questions or others like them come up during your Ohio divorce, I will guide you to the correct answers and create a solid plan of attack to protect you and your family.

Ending Your Marriage Peacefully

Even though many people believe that no divorce is a good divorce, it is possible to obtain an uncontested dissolution of marriage. If both parties can agree on the serious issues involved in a divorce, then the process becomes much less costly and consumes much less time. My family law office is equipped to lead you down the best path for you.

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