Create Or Update Your Will And Trusts

Is your will up-to-date? Does your family know where it is? Have outdated versions been destroyed or clearly marked obsolete? Americans often shy away from talking about death, but it is smart and necessary to make sure your estate plan is current and ready to use whenever it is needed.

Explore these topics with the help of a caring, tough lawyer. Talk to me, Jason P. Reese in Canton to discuss your concerns, your needs and the complete estate plan you know you should have. Your peace of mind and your family's legal and financial protection are at stake.

I care about your estate planning needs and I am prepared to help you with the tough work of updating your will and putting appropriate trusts in place. Done correctly, estate planning is one of life's greatest bargains. A living trust (a revocable trust under your control that will become an irrevocable trust upon your death), a pour-over will, powers of attorney and a health care directive can give your loved ones the tools they need to protect your legacy when the time comes.

Discuss Your Ideal Last Will And Testament With An Attorney And Get It Done

I am a wills and trusts lawyer focusing on personalized estate planning advice and customized legal services. In most cases, I offer estate planning services on a flat-fee basis, so you will not have to worry about hourly billing. We can take the time you need to help you understand the provisions of your will and trust(s). I have practical suggestions that can help your family when your testamentary documents become vitally important.

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