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At The Law Offices of Jason P. Reese in Canton, Ohio, my legal staff and I work to help victims of spousal abuse. I can help you face reality and find a workable solutions to your domestic problem. If you need an Ohio domestic violence and spousal abuse lawyer who understands the realities of domestic violence, turn to me, lawyer Jason P. Reese. I know how to protect you and your children from further harm. Let me put my understanding and experience to work for you.

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Domestic violence can take many forms:

  • Physical, including slapping, punching, shoving or hair pulling
  • Sexual, including forced intercourse and other unwanted sexual acts
  • Psychological/emotional, including attempts to control behavior and repeated insults or interrogations
  • Stalking, including repeated and unwelcome phone calls, written messages and appearances at a person's place of work
  • Online or cyberstalking, including repeated and unwanted online communications causing emotional distress
  • Threatening to cause harm by hitting or using a weapon

Does any of this sound familiar? Are you debating divorce ? Have you tried a protection order or temporary restraining order without success? Do not wait until it is too late to protect yourself and your loved ones. The facts and figures about domestic violence tell the brutal truth.

According to information reported by the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence and the Ohio Domestic Violence Network:

  • Nearly 400 deaths occur in Ohio annually because of domestic violence.
  • Boys who witness domestic violence are twice as likely to inflict domestic violence on their own spouses and children when they become adults.

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As a former prosecutor who has earned a reputation for being honest and dedicated to safeguarding my clients' best interests, I am ready and willing to help you.

If You Have Been Accused Of Domestic Violence

I also represent clients on the other side of the equation. Have you been wrongly accused? Do you need help to clear your name and get a protective order lifted? Will this issue affect your divorce or child custody case?

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