When Paternity Is In Question Or Undocumented

You may be a mother or mother-to-be seeking child support.

You may be a "putative father" (named as the father) with a need for verification of the child's true paternity.

You may be an unmarried father seeking access to your child through visitation or custody.

You and your new spouse may need a paternity test to prepare for a stepparent adoption.

In any case, you need confirmation of a child's paternity.

Work With An Attorney Who Will Inform You Clearly Of Your Parental Rights And How To Protect Them

Whatever your role in the life of a child lacking legal determination of paternity, experienced legal counsel is essential in this important matter. I am Jason P. Reese, an experienced family law attorney in Canton, Ohio. Most of my law practice revolves around divorce. I also handle other family law issues such as domestic violence and stepparent adoption.

I am known as a tough, caring lawyer who is ever vigilant of my clients' rights. You should understand your rights, the child's rights and how to protect those rights.

For example, signing the birth certificate does not ensure an unmarried father's right. Likewise, listing an unmarried father on a birth certificate is not sufficient for purposes of seeking a child support order from a family law court. If you are the mother, you will need credible proof of a father's paternity to seek child support through the family law court.

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As I advise you on the legal processes of determining paternity, I will also share advice gained through my years of experience in family law. For example, I will explain why personal counseling can be a valuable piece of the puzzle. I will share ways others in your position have protected their rights and the rights of children born out of wedlock.

As an experienced paternity lawyer, I am here to help demystify and streamline legal matters. I can advise you on DNA testing and filing acknowledgement of paternity documents with the court. For more information, contact The Law Offices of Jason P. Reese LLC in Canton by phone or email.