Guiding You Through Property Division In Your Divorce

Money matters. Without question, asset division is one of the biggest concerns both men and women struggle with as they enter into a divorce. Others financial worries include:

How will I afford child support and alimony?
How will I survive on my part-time job after I lose my spouse's paycheck?
How can I afford to set up another home without a second income?
Is she going to get half my pension?

Equitable Distribution • Hidden Asset Discovery • Modifications • What Is Your Chief Concern?

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In Ohio, money, property and other assets bought and acquired during the marriage are generally considered marital property and, thus, are subject to 50-50 distribution to the marital partners upon divorce. This includes pensions, real estate, land, collections, 401(k) plans and thrift savings plans. There are exceptions to this presumption, though, so you should consult an attorney to determine which of your assets are actually marital property, or which are your own separate property, not subject to division.

Do you suspect your spouse is hiding assets such as savings accounts, investments or physical assets like jewelry? Are you concerned about a property appraisal in light of falling housing prices? Ohio property division lawyer Jason Reese will work tirelessly to delve into the details of your finances to ensure that your full financial picture is carefully considered and you are treated fairly.

We handle all matters relating to marital assets and property division including:

Protecting Your Rights, Safeguarding Your Needs

If you have questions or concerns about property division and the financial consequences of your divorce, please contact The Law Offices of Jason P. Reese in Canton, Ohio, by phone or Email to find out how we can help you.