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The Law Offices of Jason P. Reese LLC provides tough, caring legal counsel in all aspects of family law, including divorce, child custody and domestic violence. I am Jason P. Reese, an experienced family law attorney in Canton. I am interested in ensuring you know and protect your rights in these difficult matters. Even in a so-called amicable divorce, your interests are served by working with an attorney who will remain vigilant and communicate clearly and often with you as your future is under determination.

I can advise you through all phases of your divorce, your child custody matter or the adoption of your stepchild. Your Ohio divorce may not be imminent, but seem inevitable. I can help you plan ahead, preparing carefully for asset division and protection of your parent-child relationship.

Firm, Caring Guidance Through The Divorce Process

I can help you plan how to proceed through asset division in settlement conferences, mediation, collaborative divorce or divorce litigation. My experience as a prosecutor included prosecution of dozens of jury trials. I am familiar with complex discovery involving hidden assets and complex determination of self-employment income.

Domestic violence is, unfortunately, common as divorce approaches, even between people with no previous abuse or criminal history. If you have been threatened or harmed, I can help you obtain a restraining order. If your spouse has named you in a restraining order, I can help you petition the court to lift that restraining order. Regain access to your home and children and get on with your life after accusations of domestic violence.

Protecting Children's Rights And Parental Rights

Where your children are concerned, high levels of conflict are common as parents face the challenges of shared parenting during and after a divorce. I can help you obtain a temporary custody order in your children's best interests, applicable until the divorce process is complete. I can help ensure that child support you pay or receive is appropriate.

Paternity may be in question if you are unmarried parents-to-be or if you are a stepparent wanting to adopt a stepchild. I can guide you efficiently through these vital legal matters.

Get The Legal Advice And Advocacy You Need In Your Divorce Or Child Custody Dispute

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