Jason is a passionate and efficient attorney who truly cares for his clients. I will always count on him for future services.

I regret that I did not know of Jason or have him as my first choice in my divorce case. Things did not end the way I had hoped, however, my first attorney that I had hired messed things up badly.

I have no doubt in my mind, that had I had Jason from the beginning, that things would have worked out more reasonably. As it was, Jason had a huge whole to get me out of, and he did. He is very direct and he knows his work. He may appear harsh at times, but it is because time is precious and when in the middle of a case cold hard facts outweigh hand holding.

And in a bizarre change of events, Jason did the honorable thing and did right by me when I would assume most lawyers would not have. So expect the truth the great results from an honorable attorney.